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Fall Transitions

Fall Transitions

I wore my vest for the first time today. I love my vests. Throughout the Fall, you will rarely see me without a vest. In my world, Fall equals vests. I'm excited, but my wife may not share the same sentiments. What can I say? She married a creature of habit.

Wearing vests isn't the only thing I am excited about this Fall. We are entering into a transitional time with our church plant. Faithfully, we've met on Sunday nights at Spring Hill Academy Preschool to study God's Word and to grow in relationship with one another. God has blessed that time together. The goal was to understand the gospel on a deeper level through studying the gospel according to Mark. We have used that to lay a foundation to understand who Jesus is.

Beginning on September 17, we decided to make a change to our meetings. We will still be meeting every Sunday night at the Spring Hill Academy Preschool in Spring Hill. That will not change. However, we will alternate between two activities: one week we will meet for worship and communion and the next week we will meet for training and prayer as we gear up to launch this church.

As we prepare for launch, we are laying the groundwork for the culture of our church. The Holy Spirit has called us to make disciples of all nations as we are witness of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 1:8). Every other week, we will be discussing how making disciples and being witnesses plays itself out in the rhythms of our lives. We will also be spending time in prayer for our church, our people, and our community.

Anyone and everyone is invited to both the worship / communion service and the training / prayer time. The training and prayer isn't limited to a select group of people. We would love you to join us. If you live in Spring Hill or its surrounding, I invite you to spend time with us on a Sunday night. Soon, we will have a calendar on our site and you can check to see what we are doing on a particular week.

I am looking forward to this Fall and this transition for our church plant, even more excited than I am about wearing my vests.