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It is happening

It is happening

A few weeks back, we formed a Launch Team. Fully committed to the church plant, these seven families are all-in. Living in and near Spring Hill, they have taken ownership of the vision of our church.  On Sunday nights, these families faithfully attend our Bible Study. As they live life during the week, they build relationships with the people God places in their path, whether it is their neighbors, co-workers, or parents on their child’s sports team.

I’m so grateful for these families. Planting a church can be lonely work. Stephanie and I have often asked each other this question: “How are we supposed to grow this church?” We are fully convinced that God builds his church, but we wonder how he will use just us. When we consider our Launch Team, we are greatly encouraged. We are not alone! What a relief! Incredibly gifted people are using their God-given talents for the advancement of his Kingdom. How beautiful it is.

Last week, a family invited us over for dinner at their house. When we arrived, I heard the noises of a backyard barbecue, but there were no cars in the driveway. We walked around to the back of the house where we were greeted by the smell of the grill and a slip and slide in the grass. Adults and children littered the backyard. We were introduced and settled into a fun evening of hanging out and building relationships. The night wore on, the younger kids went to bed, the women talked, and the men played cards. Everyone went home with a deeper understanding of their neighbors.

This is what we desire Spring Hill Presbyterian Church to be about: loving God, one another, our community, and our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ for the glory of God. This family desired to love their community with the gospel by loving their neighbors well. How can you love your neighbors unless you know them? And what better way to know your neighbors than by inviting them into your home and breaking bread (or a hamburger) together?

As we move forward as a church, we desire to see more moments like this. We desire to see relationships developing between believers and non-believers where love is clearly displayed. That night was a sacred moment that I pray is constantly repeated.